• Almond is a perfect food, which is packed with nutrients including fiber, protein, magnesium as well as vitamin E. It is also a impeccable food for the weight watchers. It is the best source of protein and calcium for any vegetarian, vegans, gluten or dairy free diets. There are some important benefits of almond of which few are discussed below for the reference of the readers.

  • "I asked the leaf whether it was frightened because it was autumn and the other leaves were falling.

  • The popularity of a maternity wellness program can be attributed to the mother’s desire for a healthy pregnancy. A healthy baby is always a top priority for mothers-to-be and a maternity wellness program is now a key to a happy pregnancy. 

  • According to a Holistic Health Coach, kids need the same nutrients as adults do, like carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fat. It is important that they have a balanced diet as well, but it’s not always easy as most kids are picky eaters. 

  • Postpartum Depression is a post-delivery depression wherein, a mother may not feel the desire to bond with her baby, which results in affecting her mentally and the mother may start feeling depressed, sad or hopeless due to the guilt of not being attached to her baby, or feeling like not caring for the baby. Postpartum depression usually starts showing its symptoms within the first few weeks after delivery and may continue up to the six months.