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In this maternity book, Vidhi Beri has shared the 9 crucial steps that can champion the process from pregnancy to toddler weaning. The book begins with the art and science of conception or Garbha Sanskar and works its way through Prenatal Nutrition for the mind and body of the mother and fetus. Movement Curation and the Prakriti of a new parent is the natural next step to consider – leading into Mindfulness Practices for mothers to make their womb a vibrant spiritual sanctum. A transition from prenatal to postnatal involves the birth of a child, and some factual awareness to avoid the usual Hysteria around Delivery. Managing the Mother Baby Separation at hospital, wrapping your head around the seemingly never-ending phenomena of Lactation and Breastfeeding to the famous Indian Postnatal Dietary paraphernalia – these are some of the areas that have been simplified in this book. As she was working on the book, Vidhi realized the importance of the unspoken subject of Intimacy and how the Role of the Partner are truly revealing of how parenthood can unfold for each one of us. Finally, the book imparts knowledge about how you can manage yours as well as your baby’s emotions, expectations, and really differentiate between facts and fiction. Babies are divine offerings from humans to this Universe. They change the vibrational dynamic of family relationships. Baby care and vibrational healing therapies are a game changer for the modern family. Infant care is truly put to test when parents transition from breast or bottle to solid foods. This is the stage when the modern-day circus begins, with gadgets, nannies and grandmas dancing and doing hysterical theatrics just to get 5 bites into a toddler’s mouth. This is where Vidhi chose to end her maternity book because she believes this is a subject that is still a work in progress and opens an entirely new chapter for all the urban Indian parents. Decoding Motherhood can be called a preface to every parenting book there is. The book is a guide for urban parents, that stays with the readers from conception to weaning off of their toddlers. 

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The buzz about the book

Saif Ali Khan
Actor, Father

It was refreshing to read Vidhi's take on parenting, and I enjoyed through this parenting tale and twists that takes you through the trials and tribulations of what young parents endure and offers practical solutions to current issues. All in all, the strength of the book lies in its sinuous yet simple trail that takes you into the depths of practical wisdom.

Tara Sharma Saluja
Actress, Entrepreneur, Creator, Mom

An insightful, interesting read that uses elements of mindfulness, Ayurveda and holistic wellbeing to demystify aspects of motherhood. As a devoted mother of 2 with a show in the family space, I am a believer in each to their own, and doing what works for you, I find Vidhi's book has something for everyone.

Alka Yagnik
Two time National Award Winner, Singer

Vidhi’s book transported me several years into the past, to that overwhelming moment of joy.  This feeling of being fulfilled is the most striking quality carefully nurtured by her book.  It explains motherhood as a process that makes a woman seem more complete and blessed.

Yukta Mookhey
Miss World 1999, Environmental activist

Vidhi, I am so proud of knowing you. The clarity with which you have shared all the knowledge and experience that is relevant to the subject written in the chapters of the book are truly very heartwarming. Simple direct and healing I send you my blessings. May this world wake up to respect women and care for them deeply. May we birth a new generation of living souls and families who live in harmony. Shine forth sister.

Dr. Meghana Dikshit
TEDx speaker, Ayurvedacharya, Coach and Founder of De Mantraa

In this world where we capture everything in 10-second snippets to share on social media, Decoding Motherhood is a fabulous book for parents to learn about conception to toddler weaning in one place. This book draws your attention to look at conception as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process.

Jayasri Burman
National Award Winner, Artist

I look forward to reading Vidhi Beri's book as it is well-intended to document the ancient wisdom of our rich culture and present it to the future generation in a non-preachy manner. Her language is easy flowing, and her knowledge is deep. Together they turn this book into an unmissable opportunity of learning.


vidhi beri

health transformation coach

Vidhi Beri is a Global Educator and Specialist in the fields of Holistic Health, Lactation, Maternal Health Wellness, Child Nutrition and Children's Milestone Development and now an author of her first maternity book, 'Decoding Motherhood'. Her work encompasses the private and public sector to again her goal of engendering socio-economic change. She engages with private hospitals, corporations, non-profit organizations, and governmental bodies as a consultant, trainer, and advisor. Her programmes include mind and body nutrition, prenatal and postnatal maternity wellness, infant weaning, toddler nutrition, lifestyle management strategies and depression management. In Kolkata, Vidhi Beri is a pioneer in promoting breastfeeding education in hospitals. She has obtained certification of a Health Transformation Coach and Ayurvedic Wellness from De Mantraa Wellness. She is a CAPPA Certified Lactation Educator and holds a diploma in counselling child health and nutrition as well as vibrational healing. Her overall distinctive background in academics has helped her to uniquely structure classes based on the stages of maternity (trimester or postpartum), the mother’s individual needs and level of awareness.