Food Rules

If you don’t chew you are decreasing your body’s inclination to digest and absorb food properly.

1. Fruit Rules

  • Fruits can only be eaten raw.
  • Any exposure to heat or cooking destroys all nutrient value in fruits.
  • Fruits should be the first meal of your day.
  • Avoid fruit consumption post noon.
  • Never eat fruit with cereal or post cereals.
  • Melons and bananas should not be paired with other fruits.
  • Juices negate the positive benefits of eating fruits.
  • Many fruits have a high glycemic index, they do not increase overall blood sugar if eaten correctly.
  • Fruits are essential foods for maintaining the fluid balance in the body.

2. Milk rules

  • Ghee or clarified butter is the best milk product one can consume.
  • A few spoons of fresh/non-refrigerated yoghurt are a great probiotic for the body.
  • Milk extracts digestive energy and calcium from the body in excess of the calcium that it provides.
  • Casein protein in milk makes it less suitable for regular human consumption.
  • Packaged milk sources have synthetic chemicals, powders and fortifications which change the biochemical composition of milk.
  • Only small quantities of milk from a genuine source or desi cow are advisable.
  • Whey water is easy digestible and healthier as compared to ‘chena’ or paneer.
  • Milk should be consumed in isolation and not combined with other foods.
  • Drink milk warm and frothy if at all….makes it easier to digest.

3. Vegetable Rules

  • Blanch all vegetables before consumption.
  • Lightly steamed salads are safer than completely raw- owing to the fertilizers and other toxic exposures.
  • VIBGYOR – your daily health mantra.