Client Testimonials

What my clients say

Mrs. Kavita Kanodia
A Dessert Chef and Entrepreneur

My session with Vidhi is always fun and happy. I enjoy the way she motivates me to go through the lifestyle change.

Sumedha Singh
Owner of Café Rouge

I consulted with Vidhi when I was expecting my first born - so I had too many questions, too much stress, and lots of concerns. She helped me by making me feel confortable and addressing all my concerns.

Mrs. Priyanka Goenka
Director of HungryBums and Nutriwok

The habit you have put me into of having fruits every morning, is the best blessing in my life. I haven’t felt this good even after trying innumerable things. I am glowing and I feel awesome every time I eat fruits. I thank you.

Anahita Kayan
Mum and Designer at The Space at 9 by 2

My consultations with Vidhi during my 1st and 2nd pregnancy were entirely different but very relevant and suited to my requirements during each of the pregnancies. I have carried forward her advice on parenting, eating, child psychology and just general notes on happiness and I think it's made my life much happier in the process.

Tanwi Tahlani

I had a lovely session mam throughout. Whenever I felt I was stuck somewhere, you came to my rescue. Whether it was my routine, Baby R's routine, his sleeping habits, his food habits, overall, everything. In the initial days of breastfeeding you were a great help to me. You supported me throughout for breastfeeding and it's been almost 9 months now and still going strong. Not a drop of formula has been given. More power and love to you for the work you are doing and supporting mothers. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Satvinder Kaur

I bet I am one of the many clients benefited by consulting Ms Vidhi Beri for the baby’s diet and well-being. I just cannot thank her enough for all her informative sessions. My baby is growing in a lovely way, all thanks to her. The best part is that she gives the opportunity that I can go back to her and get all my queries answered whenever required. I was not feeling much confident with my postpartum body but she advised me to set a goal for myself. There I am, back into shape and that too before my baby’s first birthday. Thank you so much, Ms Vidhi.

Shreya Chowdhury
A devoted mum

4 years ago when I had my first child, like all mothers, the first thing that came to my mind was how to fill my baby's stomach. I thought I had prepared myself well by reading books, watching breastfeeding videos, talking to friends who were mothers, joining breastfeeding forums etc. Yet, when I tried breastfeeding all I could feel was helplessness, anxiety, stress and a hell lot of pain. Thankfully I had Vidhi's number saved on my phone, and my husband begged her to come over and save his wife whom he had never seen so helpless. Vidhi seemed to have a magic wand! More than anything, she gave me a patient ear, and was so full of empathy and optimisim. She counselled me throughout my breastfeeding journey and much beyond. She guided me through the postpartum diet and the nutrition fulfilment of my kids. I am so enamoured by her work, that even today I earnestly follow her advise and practice my dietary requirements as per her guidelines.

Swasti Singhal

I started consulting Vidhi before conceiving my daughter. It was a combination of healthy dietary recommendations, mindful meditation and some amount of intention which helped us conceive very fast. The journey from prenatal consultancy to toddler nutrition including breastfeeding, child care, weaning was thoughtfully planned by Vidhi Beri depending on my lifestyle, circumstances and preferences. At every step, a new mother needs some sort of a confidante and Vidhi through her constant messages and conversations was able to provide me with the same.

Today my daughter is 4 years old and Mrs Beri has had a huge role in shaping her health, mind and immunity levels along with mine too! Not just this, I had been wanting a 2nd child and for some reason, I wasn’t able to intend and provide myself with the correct ecosystem for the same. A month into her Consultation by altering some food items and including some Ayurvedic adaptogens; I called her with the the great news that a 2nd baby is on its way.

Mr. Anirrudh Bagri
Entrepreneur, Unitech Paper and Board


I had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle with regards to food although I am pretty active. So, I called Vidhi to improve this side of my lifestyle. Vidhi is so knowledgeable and eager to share her wisdom and passion with me. She guided me in a gradual, but doable, approach to relieve stress, eat more balanced meals, and lead a healthier lifestyle.I have become so balanced in terms of my health in such a short time. Moreover, I have become happier. The biggest quality of Vidhi is that she is so approachable that you can really share so much with her and you discover that good health is more than just eating healthy or exercising. Vidhi delves into the mental side as well and cleared all the misconceptions I had. Vidhi has not only supported and guided me through this process, she has also become a friend who I am very lucky to have. I would recommend Vidhi’s services to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being!

Thanks, Vidhi for making this journey so comfortable and enlightening for me so far.

~H.E.A.L. MNM program (Movement, Nutrition and Mindfulness)

Shamita Lalloo
Chemical Engineer

I know you have touched my life and helped me through the initial stages of my motherhood, and I hope you will always be there to guide me both as an experienced mum, specialist, guide and big sister. You gave me a lot of strength. Thank you.