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Saif Ali Khan
Actor, Father

It was refreshing to read Vidhi's take on parenting, and I enjoyed through this parenting tale and twists that takes you through the trials and tribulations of what young parents endure and offers practical solutions to current issues. All in all, the strength of the book lies in its sinuous yet simple trail that takes you into the depths of practical wisdom.

Tara Sharma Saluja
Actress, Entrepreneur, Creator, Mom

An insightful, interesting read that uses elements of mindfulness, Ayurveda and holistic wellbeing to demystify aspects of motherhood. As a devoted mother of 2 with a show in the family space, I am a believer in each to their own, and doing what works for you, I find Vidhi's book has something for everyone.

Alka Yagnik
Two time National Award Winner, Singer

Vidhi’s book transported me several years into the past, to that overwhelming moment of joy.  This feeling of being fulfilled is the most striking quality carefully nurtured by her book.  It explains motherhood as a process that makes a woman seem more complete and blessed.

Yukta Mookhey
Miss World 1999, Environmental activist

Vidhi, I am so proud of knowing you. The clarity with which you have shared all the knowledge and experience that is relevant to the subject written in the chapters of the book are truly very heartwarming. Simple direct and healing I send you my blessings. May this world wake up to respect women and care for them deeply. May we birth a new generation of living souls and families who live in harmony. Shine forth sister.

Dr. Meghana Dikshit
TEDx speaker, Ayurvedacharya, Coach and Founder of De Mantraa

In this world where we capture everything in 10-second snippets to share on social media, Decoding Motherhood is a fabulous book for parents to learn about conception to toddler weaning in one place. This book draws your attention to look at conception as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process.

Jayasri Burman
National Award Winner, Artist

I look forward to reading Vidhi Beri's book as it is well-intended to document the ancient wisdom of our rich culture and present it to the future generation in a non-preachy manner. Her language is easy flowing, and her knowledge is deep. Together they turn this book into an unmissable opportunity of learning.

Shweta Tanwar Mukherjee
Photographer, Mom, Marketer and Reader

I recently came across some excerpts from the book Decoding Motherhood by Vidhi Beri. It is an interesting and light read for aspiring parents. I love the blend of nature and science the most. Content of the book is quite informative and is written in a simple, grasping manner.

Roopal Sharad Bajaj
Mom blogger

This book by Vidhi Beri is the perfect companion for all indian mothers to be. It looks at the physical, mental and emotional aspects of pregnancy keeping in mind Ayurvedic traditions as well as modern approaches. I wish I had read this book during my pregnancy!

Tanu Mishra
Founder at

Unravel the mystery of your Motherhood with DECODING MOTHERHOOD and become a more mindful, attentive, and easygoing Mother. Very succinct and accurate decode for the challenges and joy which motherhood entails. All the best for the success of the book.

Sidhi Chadha
Journalist, Mom & creator of parenting tribe

“Truly a wholesome read!”

For any woman becoming a mother is a new birth altogether. Author Vidhi Beri’s latest book 'Decoding Motherhood’ is like a sweet cushion to a woman trying to conceive, an expecting mother and parents. This book is a wholesome read with the right combination of nutrition, healthy body, good thoughts, mindful practises and a lot more that is in store in this handy book for parents. I love the valuable insights on ‘Garbh Sanskaar’. I’d recommend this book to everyone. It’s like a bible on Motherhood!

Rashmi Tyagi
A mom blogger and creator of contrasting_twins

This book is the one stop source for the new age parents. It shares nine crucial steps and covers everything about being a parent right from the conception to toddler weaning. The strength of the book is it's simple and understandable language. I really loved how Vidhi has amalgamated both modern and ancient way of raising a child. Being a young mom of twins, I highly recommend this book to all the new parents and parents to be.

Kshiti Agarwal
Mom Blogger and Influencer

Upon reading I was carried to the time when I was pregnant. Explained every bit about the journey very nicely. The new age parenting combined with the idea and ways of our elders is nicely quoted. Prenatal nutrition, doshas, aasanas, health care every bit has been explained in a very easy language. As the name it actually decodes each and every aspect of motherhood journey. Thank you Vidhi Beri for such an insightful book.

Madhu Neotia
Founder of The India Story & Healthcare Entrepreneur

I am really happy to see ‘Decoding Motherhood’ by Vidhi Beri and wish I had access to a book like this! Vidhi simplifies several things that new mothers learn to manage and cope with along with wonderful nutritional guidelines and some fabulous healthy recipes that can be very useful for pre-natal as well as post-natal care. As a young mother herself and the Lactation Consultant of BNWCC, Vidhi offers a contemporary approach to resolve the conventional hiccups that new mums face. I think her book takes a holistic view of motherhood and parenting and I would recommend ‘Decoding Motherhood’ to all women who wish to embark on this beautiful journey.

Charu Gupta
Advertising Professional & Mom blogger

After reading Decoding Motherhood, I realised how many things I missed during my pregnancy. I wish this book had come earlier in my life. This book is a blessing for all new mommies and is a complete blend of mental , physical and emotional well-being. This book gives holistic view about pregnancy.
I love the fact that Vidhi Beri not only focused on pregnancy but also on weaning the little ones.
In all an encyclopaedia of motherhood in a very simple and layman language.
Thank you Vidhi for enlightening us about motherhood.

Dr. T. Biju Singh
Consultant Gynaecologist Bhagirathi Neotia Women and Child Care Centre

Decoding Motherhood is a complete yet no paraphanelia  guide to conception, motherhood, and parenting. Vidhi Beri has illustrated the psyche and issues of the modern Indian parent in a holistic yet practical manner. Her narrative juxtaposes fact and fiction in maternity as she elucidates the need for awareness and correct knowledge.

Buzz in the community

New mum & Entrepreneur

From conceiving to finally breast feeding is quite a journey! The books packs in all you need to know to get through this roller coaster ride. From night time feedings to finally sleeping through the night! A must read bible for new parents!

Consultant at Infosys

In Decoding Motherhood, Mrs. Vidhi Beri has talked about so many important topics related to motherhood and pregnancy that I feel need to be discussed for creating awareness for anyone who is planning to have a baby at some point in there lives. This book for me was very well curated and I loved reading it. 


I have been planning on having a baby for quite some time now and Decoding Motherhood by Vidhi Beri has been a blessing to me. I never knew about mindful conception and the concept of garbh sanskar! Reading the book and practicing her ideas has put me in such an amazing mindspace. I absolutely love the book!

Businessman and Owner, Balaji Polymers

Decoding Motherhood not only talks about the mother's journey, but also the role and involvement of both parents and even touches the topic of intimacy. Something that is considered sensitive in the Indian society. As a father, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I also applaud Mrs. Vidhi Beri for bringing these aspects of pregnancy into the light.


Being a grandmother, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. This book, even though based on motherhood is relevant for every individual who is planning to have a child at some point. This is truly a "gift" to every parent or individual by Mrs. Vidhi Beri. Best wishes to her!

Homemaker and Mum

The journey into motherhood albeit special is sometimes very difficult to tread into. Being a mother of three, this book makes me wish it was here earlier. Kudos to Mrs. Beri for bringing forth the aspects of pregnancy and parenthood with the Indian touch. Had a great time reading this wonderful book!

Homemaker, Mum and Expecting mother

Never really knew about Mindful Conceiving. Very nice thing to know about. Now that I’m two months pregnant will definitely take care about the “Garbh Sanskar” and will definitely try to take care of my thought and activities and diet. Hope this book comes out soon would love to read a few more chapters. 

Brand Partner, RI2K London

A wonderful read. 
I could manage to read just the first chapter and really liked it. Specially the part about “Garbh Sanskar”. It really matters in a child’s growth and development. The part about mindful conceiving is again wonderful and gives an amazing insight. Looking forward to read more chapters and would love to read the book as a whole. Great Job!

Advocate in High Court

An excellent effort and endeavour by vidhi beri to assist women in the most enigmatic as well as life changing sojourn called "motherhood". Looking forward to reading the whole book.

East Region Key Accounts Head, Blue Dart

What a wonderful insight upon the various aspects of motherhood, starting from mindful conceiving to prenatal holistic diets for would be mothers. 
It was indeed a very good read. Loved these few chapters,looking forward to read the book. 

A homemaker and new mum

An wonderful effort  by Vidhi Beri to help women and would be mothers in the most amazing and life changing journey of theirs. 
A wonderful read...I wish I had a handy guide like this when I was expecting my first child around a year ago. Nevertheless would still love to read the book.

Pilates Instructor, Coach & Mom

I know you have touched my life and helped me through the initial stages of my motherhood, and I hope you will always be there to guide me both as an experienced mum, specialist, guide and big sister. You gave me a lot of strength. Thank you.

A devoted mum

A very modern, yet realistic take on motherhood. A feel-good book, with plenty of takeaways, as eventually it is coming from the expert herself. 


‘Decoding Motherhood’ is a one stop read for all expecting mothers, those who are trying to conceive and of course for those who have already entered the beautiful world of motherhood! Starting from prenatal science to getting life back on track after successfully leading your child to solids and achieving various growth milestones; this book is wonderfully written in an unspoken chronological order. She has covered all aspects which any mother would be most concerned: from breastfeeding to baby lead weaning; vagina to vaccines and of course post-partum depression which affects a majority of the mothers at some level or the other. She has included our Indian aspect of Ayurveda and the importance of it in every step for not just parents to be but even the unborn child. Being a specialist consultant gave her a huge advantage to see the world from the mother’s as well as other caregivers’ angles to include a holistic wellbeing plan for the child. It is true that ‘Decoding Motherhood’ is all that you will need to reach out for any of those anxiety attacks or just to read up to gear yourself up to be a Supermom- like the author herself!

The India Story

It is so heartening to see Vidhi’s thoughts and ideas take the shape of a book, which am so certain will help so many young women on this roller-coaster ride through motherhood. Vidhi and I met when both our first-borns were only a few months old and quite naturally much of our conversation revolved around our experiences and our hurdles of nursing and eventually healthy weaning. Vidhi has chosen to impart her learning, which is also a wonderful outcome of her own personal journey to several women who might not even realize how much they could benefit from the support of an informed expert! Her passion is her inspiration and I wish Vidhi all the success and fortitude in debunking motherhood myths, resolving parental confusions and enabling many to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful journey with Decoding Motherhood.

Executive Assistant, Principal's Office, St. John's Diocesan School.

Decoding Motherhood provides nuggets of information for couples expecting their first child. It empowers them with goodness of helpful advise on the birth process from preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. It touches on what to expect from one's partner after birth and the need to be empathetic towards each other. Though there are plenty of other books on Motherhood and Pregnancy 'Decoding Motherhood' is a good investment of knowledge and I highly recommend this book for people who understand the importance of 'Garbh Sanskar'' and are seeking information on what they can do as they prepare for the birthing process and all that is to be expected after!

Primary Supervisor and Teacher, Ek Tara

It's an excellent beginning I feel. A balance between the spirituality & reality. How to keep ourselves calm & handle any tough situation. Why it is important to be mindful in all situations specially when a couple is planning to start a family? What's the purpose of getting a baby? What the couple possess to offer the baby- balance between the left & right parts of brain, all these things are very important to think of in practical life. A lot of books are there, but women, specifically Indians, need something to be written in a very easy and understanding manner. I think this writing is understandable even for a very young to be mom. All the best to the resourceful writer.

Art Historian

It’s been a delight reading excerpts of your book. The first chapter about Mindfulness is very insightful and the idea about being ‘mindful’ about conceiving so very important yet nobody ever discusses it! You brought out the importance of it so lucidly and so articulately. The Postpartum Blues...all I can say is I wish you were around when I had my son 30 years ago!! Your book will be my first gift to my Daughter in law and Son, whenever he chooses to marry! Congratulations once again on this stellar book, put together with wise age-old practices of Ayurveda and blending it superbly with modern childbearing and rearing practices to raise happy, confident, and content children.

Teacher, Shri Shikshayatan School

Decoding motherhood. The chapter Mindful Conception is very educative. It changed my total understanding of motherhood as to how one should prep mentally and physically to welcome the new being into the body so as to bring him/her with positivity into the world and to make him/her feel wanted, as all this begins from the time of conception. It is detoxification of mind and soul along with the body. Beautifully written!

Mentor, Teacher of Indian Wisdom, Poet, Spiritual Musician, Vibrational Healer and an Educationist.

Vidhi Beri has given an invaluable book to an entire generation who have suffered in the past due to an acute dearth of pre-natal and post-natal guidance. The book is delightful since it also offered enhanced learnings from Indian and other traditional for achieving holistic health and well being.

Designer at Studio 13 & Mom entrepreneur

With your first baby, you have a million anxieties. Vidhi addressed each one of them at all times and weird hours. She would always explain with simple logic and her own experience. 
The best in her feild, Vidhi is the beat person to go to for all things nutrition & lactation.

Mom since 1990 and Entrepreneur

Being a Mother is the greatest gift. Times have changed and with fast paced lives the biggest problem one faces is infertility. The 1st chapter gives an insight on organic wellbeing of a couple which is required in nowadays lifestyle. Great approach in this modern era of motherhood and parenthood!

Mom and Housewife

I am a housewife as well as a mother and trust me these chapters that I read were of great help as we get to know how to nurture ourselves before and after pregnancy, grow strong together as parents and in turn help our children lead a healthy life mentally and physically. I wish that I had this kind of aspiring book during the time of my pregnancy but I am sure it will help me to nurture my 6 year old boy too. A big thank you to the author Vidhi Beri. Looking forward to the book.

Senior Manager, Content- Mx Player

Reading the first chapter made me realise how much we underestimate the importance of holistic approach & well-being in life. Very enlightened to read about "Garbh Sanskaar" and what it entails; which I felt was interestingly quite unlike what the Indian stereotype suggests about having kids & most importantly highlights how people mistake it for conceiving in an unplanned manner. Very engaging, crisp and insightful! Looking forward to learning more.

Owner of Café Rouge

This book really gets things into perspective. From planning not just the conception, but the intricacies of pregnancy and raising your child. Decoding Motherhood helps answer some important questions of the so called modern mother.
I consulted with Vidhi when I was expecting my first born - so I had too many questions, too much stress, and lots of concerns. She helped me by making me feel confortable and addressing all my concerns.

Director, Paharpur 3P Pvt Ltd

These are really interesting chapters Vidhi. I really like how you’ve put your personal experience and also anecdotes from real patients into each item that you talk about. Makes it so much more real and relatable. A book like this will be so helpful to everyone who is planning a pregnancy. It’s fantastic to see how you’ve managed to condense your years of experience into a book.

Project Assistant, Ek Tara

Reading the Chapters, I could understand that bringing a child into this universe is not only a matter of decisions but many responsibilities. Parents must be healthy and happy emotionally and physically in order to not only give birth to a child but nurture him or her. The way parents develop their inner mindfulness and peace with each other reflects a lot on the children as they grow up.

Customer Relationship Manager, Flipkart

Motherhood is magical. It's uncanny how it empowers you to fall in love with someone you haven't even met. It's amazing how the 1st chapter highlights the importance of the effects on the baby even before conception and  being physically, emotionally and consciously aware of oneself is so important for a couple planning a family. Would love to read the rest of the book  !!