• Salads are easy to prepare and tour recipes are a delight to your taste buds as well. Among the top salad recipes, special mention should be made of the following which involve ingredients which are easily available in your pantry and are easy on your wallet.

  • Vidhi Beri

    Regular Exercise is one of the most important things for a healthy lifestyle. Within a few days of regular exercise, you can see changes in your body not only in terms of shape but an improvement in mental health as well. It's something that adds to holistic health routine. But it is necessary to know few important things before starting regular exercise.

  • There are innumerable health benefits of mother’s milk and the benefits are not just restricted to the baby, the mother also benefits from it to a great extent. Infact, in other words it can be said that breast milk is equally effect for babies as well as grownups.

  • We all hate taking drugs for curing our illness as they are associated with many side effects. Given an amazing opportunity to take something that can work as a drug without side effects is like a wish come true.

  • Vidhi Beri

    Staying fit has become a necessity now rather than a habit. Now people look ways to imbibe the healthy lifestyle. Due to a lack of time, you need smart ways to keep your health in check.