Live session on how to be comfortable in your own skin

Vidhi Beri had conducted a Facebook live session with Yukta Mookhey, who is a Waldorg educationist, Ayurveda diploma holder, Environmental activist, Reiki master, Mentor for womb blessings, Sound healing therapist, Coach for sustainability, and a beauty pageant titleholder. She represented India at Miss World 1999 and eventually won the contest, becoming the fourth Indian woman to win Miss World.

She has had a deeply spiritual journey and as a mother is not initiated into ancient wisdom, that she grew up with like classical music, art, and yoga.

Yukta Mookhey has been educating herself from last past 10 years on natural ways of living and sustainable methods for children and families. She is soon going to move to a rural village and be a part of a community that is focused on Ayurveda and Agriculture.

As a student of lifelong learning especially Agriculture is her focus as a single mother for her son to be "atma nirbhar" and in service of mother Earth.

She quotes , " I am the daughter of the soil and very bhaartiye in my approach to life"

Episode 9 was all about to learn to accept yourself, empower yourself and prioritize self-care, self-reflection. All this in turn will help an individual to imbibe the same values in their offspring.

We all are born comfortable in our own skin and somewhere along the line we have a lot of things developed, we start living for others and the World and how they perceive us.

We all should ask ourself that whatever we are doing whether it's serving a purpose or not.

As women, we go through so many initiations whether we are daughters, we are sisters, we become mothers and it really kinds of transforms us as women and it really kind of pushes us to play these roles we start taking on more responsibilities and value different needs of people around us. In this process, women get mature at a faster pace.

We all should learn to balance ourself with what we are in true sense. The education we had, has not given us life skills that we need to navigate through the challenges of life, then what kind of education must we give to our children? Alternative methods of schooling that are very natural and organic, that's the kind of environment, children needs nowadays.

The souls who are incarnating now, the souls who are taking birth now needs the kind of very nature-based education and more of art, music, culture, dance, that is more based on mother nature nurturing kind of environment.

All of us have a feminine "shakti" and masculine "shiva" side within ourself. There is so much of judgement around performing, delivering and thats infact a very wounded masculine, that is a very distorted masculine. The true masculine is steady, stable, has a great foundation, a container within which the "shakti" and the "shiva" is very steady.

Live session on how to be comfortable in your own skin

In our culture, we have a culture of "ardhanarishvara" that is "shiva" embodies both masculine and feminine side. When we play both the masculine version and managing the "shakti" within ourself, we are actually playing the role of "ardhanarishvara".

Self acceptance, self love has to grow much more deeper and that's where the balance within ourself begins.

Whatever happens in our life, we have created it. The minute we accept that part, own that we are the creator of our own circumstances, we start taking responsibility of our happiness. When we start taking responsibility of our happiness, we can provide for our needs and our needs don't have come from outside.

We should make our children feel empowered by letting them express how they feel. The most important thing for a child to thrive , to feel loved and get a sense of belonging, is to set very strong boundaries that means there is a line beyond which the child may not come to you and express. We should always emphasize on the language within any moment, whether it's a meltdown or a conflict. The most important thing is compassionate communication with the children.

The best way to bring a change in the society is to present yourself as a role model to your children who has a sense of self-love, self-acceptance as children only learn through imitation.