5 ways a Healthy Lifestyle Consultant changes the way you look at life

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”- C.S Jung

Healthy living is a pre requisite for our modern lifestyles.  Nutrition, movement, stress and time management are all keys to healthy living. A holistic health coach empowers you to achieve yourRegulating your food habits

  • Nutritional meal plans
  • Working on your time management
  • Sleep pattern corrections
  • Movement and exercise recommendations
  • Breath work and Stress Relief Practices
  • Motivation counseling

Healthy Lifestyle consultantHere are the ways in which a Holistic Health Coach changes the way you look at life:

  • Providing Clarity: Identify blind spots and weaknesses and make a plan to overcome them
  • Picking Strategy: Design a tailor-made strategy to work on transforming your nutrition and lifestyle habits
  • Pushing towards your liberty: Tool kits for self analysis and discovery to arrive at the freedom to devise your own future plans
  • Personality building: New idea generation and inspiring self-confidence to empower healthy lifestyle choices
  • Pragmatism and accountability: Having an individual to be accountable to making you work more sincerely with regular discipline and accountability
  • Achievements: A healthier you – fitness in the mind and body, feeling stronger nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually.

“Health coaching brings together the importance of the mind and body connection. Your mental health impacts your physical health everyday and your long-term state of disease or prosperity. Start working on your mind, behavior and emotions today for a healthier you …tomorrow” - Vidhi Beri

Vidhi Beri is a global educator in the fields of holistic health, lactation, nutrition and mental health counseling.The holistic health coach seeks to enhance and upgrade her knowledge and experiences of related fields such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Nature Cure, Mindfulness, Human and Child Psychology etc.As a CAPPA certified lactation educator she provides structured classes on the various stages of maternity, the mother’s individual needs and awareness. Her diverse interests and academic pursuits make her approach truly dynamic involving deeper aspects of the being: mind, body, and spirit.

As a holistic health coach and healthy lifestyle consultant, Vidhi Beri aims at building an accountable relationship with her clients that is built on trust, compassion, and acceptance. She diligently works together with her clients to help them achieve their set goals.