• 1 month with a Health Coach

    1 month with a Health Coach

    Sign up for my One Month Weekly Well-Being Plan. Start working on your body with me and in 30 days you will feel the change in yourself. Sessions start at INR 1999.

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    Author of Decoding Motherhood

    A 9 step guide from conception to toddler weaning

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Best Yoga Poses During Maternity

Pregnancy can be considered a beautiful and wonderful phase in a women`s life. However, it also does come with a lot of aches and pains.

Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer

October marks the beginning of the fall season. As temperatures tend to decrease and fall foliage emerges everywhere, one could see the fall colors taking all over the internet

Reversing various heart diseases with proper diet

Various cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have risen in almost all age groups, to become one of the main causes of death on the planet earth claiming around 17.9 million lives each year according to recent official data.

Infancy Cognitive Development: Language Development at Early Childhood

Language in the form of poetry, rhyme, or song has been clinically proven to activate both sides: left and right sides of the brain, so it merges the logical and creative aspects of an individual.

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will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>
will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>
will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>

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