• 1 month with a Health Coach

    1 month with a Health Coach

    Sign up for my One Month Weekly Well-Being Plan. Start working on your body with me and in 30 days you will feel the change in yourself. Sessions start at INR 1999.

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    Author of Decoding Motherhood

    A 9 step guide from conception to toddler weaning

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Infancy Cognitive Development: Language Development at Early Childhood

Language in the form of poetry, rhyme, or song has been clinically proven to activate both sides: left and right sides of the brain, so it merges the logical and creative aspects of an individual.

Feel Self-Optimized by Making a Daily Routine to Become Your Best Self

Optimized means we have a day or a week to visualize and we can either put it down on a piece of paper, a schedule, an online calendar

Benefits of Breastfeeding For The Baby

Breastfeeding is when the new moms feed their baby breast milk, usually directly from the breast. It is also called nursing. Making the decision to breastfeed is a personal matter.

Is COVID impacting pregnancy?

The evidence that we have from the early studies during the pandemic when it began in 2020 in Italy was that it had a major impact on the breastfeeding rates which dropped amongst the educated Urban population and we experienced a drop in rates

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will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>
will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>
will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>

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