Ideal Fertility Diet Plan For To Be Indian Mothers

A fertility diet plan Indian is designed for the India women, to help them get pregnant by changing their level of activity and eating habits. The main focus of such diet plans is to boost the chances of conceiving by making a little change in the present consumption of food. It has been stated by the experts in this field, that by tweaking the diet plan and exercising it could influence the rate of fertility. Vidhi Beri through her latest book ‘Decoding Motherhood’ explained the factors which affects inimproving the fertility. Although, the diet plans do not specifically proves that it might help in conceiving but still it increases the chances of conceiving and improving the fertility.

Now, let us look upon some of the things that must be present in your diet plan to improve the fertility rate:

1. Dairy Products

Dairy products such as yogurts, ice-creams, full-fat milk, etc., helps in increasing the chances of conceiving. On the other hand, women who intakes less diary products faces challenges in the path to get pregnant. As dairy products have higher fat percentage it reduces the risk of infertility.

2. Replace Saturated Fat

By replacing saturated fat, the diet plan must include unsaturated fats such as- monosaturated and polysaturated fats. Some of the good sources of monosaturated fats are- cashews, olive oil, canola oil, avocados, nuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds, etc. Some of the good sources of polysaturated fats are- soyabeans, walnuts, flax seeds, safflower oil, etc.

3. Vegetable Protein

The women who have highest intake of animal protein are very likely to experience ovulatory infertility while those who focus on vegetable proteins faces less risk of ovulatory infertility, this is because animal proteins brings in the chances of certain birth defects while leafy vegetables such as- spinach, kale, etc., are a good source of calcium, folate, iron, etc.

4. Fruits

All the fruits are a great source of nutrients and they are a very important part of the diet plan. However, some fruits are so much healthy that they must be eaten every day. Some fruits which are packed withvitamin-D, calcium, potassium, vitamin-C, etc., are- grapes, oranges, berries (raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries), bananas, etc.

While following a healthy balanced diet, let’s look upon some of the foods that must be strictly removed from the diet plan:

1. Trans fat- It is found in many fast foods and many commercial baked foods as well.

2. Alcohol- There is no limit of alcohol, it should be avoided completely.

3. Caffeine- Coffee and Tea must also be avoided as much as possible, only plain milk should be consumed.

4. Other items which should be avoided are- highly refined grain products, sugar-sweetened beverages, etc.

Following the above mentioned points will not only help increasing the chances to conceive, but it will also help in maintaining a good overall health. The above points would surely help in reducing a lot of weight but the main purpose will still remain on improving the fertility.

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