The Nutrition: Mind and Body Module

The Nutrition: Mind and Body Module
Clients: Applicable for adults of all ages and across gender.

Program Duration: 9 sessions (spread over 3-4 months).

Your body feels vibrant and full of energy if all five senses are aligned. You need to nourish each one every day. Nutrition comes in the form of organic food, your activities, breath, the sounds in your environment and overall lifestyle choices. Can we become mindful of all these choices that we have to nourish our senses and truly empower ourselves for healthier

Let me hold your hand in this wondrous journey of inner wisdom through discovering tastes, colour, food, fitness, and sound. This mind and body module is for everyone who wants to live in  sync with their environment and nature and work towards greater health.

It  is an endeavour to combine my knowledge of Healthy eating, Ayurveda, and counseling with traditional systems of Yoga Nidra and Nada Vibronics. Sessions are designed to make the individual inculcate diet changes by habit adaptation. Clients will experience weight loss with positive mind and body work.

The program focuses on the following:
 Habit Transformation Fitness and Metabolism Breath and Antioxidants
Food and Holistic Health Herbs and Nutrition Sound and Vibration Therapy
Emotional Empowerment Technique Stress Management and Yoga Nidra Dietary and Lifestyle Assessment
Mental Health and Relationship Counseling


In a duration of 4-5 months, clients feel

  • Improved weight and nutrition
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Improved hormonal imbalance
  • Significantly lower stress levels
  • Lasting habit changes
  • Positive and sustainable lifestyle choices
  • Greater vitality and confidence

A Nutrition rehab for the Mind as all cures lie within you and inside your kitchen.