Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer

October marks the beginning of the fall season. As temperatures tend to decrease and fall foliage emerges everywhere, one could see the fall colors taking all over the internet aka the social media platforms along with the wardrobes, definitely. However, there is one color that people simply would not be able to avoid during this month, and it is actually for a very noble cause - Pink!

October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign in order to raise overall awareness about the impact of breast cancer. And as a result, people everywhere will be sporting pink in tribute.

Did you know, according to the latest official reports, in the year 2020, more than 2 million women all around the world were diagnosed with breast cancer? Some people tend to have a higher risk of developing cancerous cells due to many genetic factors, there are, of course, various preventive measures that a woman can take in order to reduce the overall risk of developing breast cancer, and these are basically associated with proper lifestyle choices and medical checkups at the right time as suggested by the renowned health transformation coach in Kolkata, Vidhi Beri who tends to gives the best health and nutrition information.

In the following article, we will explore few easy tips that women can follow for the prevention of breast cancer. So read on-

Follow a good healthy diet

It is a medically proven well-known fact that people who tend to follow a healthy diet are less likely to develop obesity, and this, in turn, results in a lower rate of cancer and heart disease.

Obesity increases the overall risk of breast cancer especially after menopause, the time of life when breast cancer most often occurs in a woman. Hence it is advised to avoid gaining weight over time and try to maintain a proper body-mass index of around 25 or less.

Embrace a healthy rich diet full of green vegetables, fruits and definitely avoid sugared drinks, refined carbohydrates, and fatty foods as much as possible. Green left vegetables are high in vitamin D and nitrates. These are very important to reduce blood pressure and improve overall arterial function in the human body as suggested by the renowned health transformation coach from Kolkata, Vidhi Beri who tends to gives the best health and nutrition information.

Exercise regularly

According to the latest medical research doing exercise or any kind of physical activity, even started later in life, tends to reduce the overall risk of developing breast cancer. All it takes is simple, moderate exercise like a 30-minute walk five days a week to get this protective effect, easy, isn’t it ?!

Avoid smoking and drinking

This one is actually pretty straightforward. It is well-known fact that various health risks are associated with smoking. Smoking tends to weaken the overall immune system in the body and that in turn can damage or change a cell’s natural DNA, which can ultimately lead to the growth of a tumor.

Alcohol is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in women. After drinking alcohol, the body tends to breaks it down into a chemical that has a high risk of damaging or changing a cell’s DNA, potentially leading to the growth of a tumor.


One should know their body when it is changing. Between regular screenings or exams, it is important to pay attention to the following-

●A lump, hard knot, or thickening in the breast

●A lump under the arm

●A change in the size or shape of a breast

●Nipple pain, tenderness, or discharge, including bleeding

●Itchiness, scales, soreness, or rash on the nipple

●A nipple turning inward or inverted

●A change in color and texture (dimpling, puckering, or redness)

●A breast that feels warm or swollen

If something feels different or off, it is advised to take medical help from professionals and get tests done immediately. After all, “prevention is better than cure”!

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