Appetizing Summer Drinks To Prevent Dehydration

Come summers, temperatures tend to soar high leaving everyone feeling tired, sweaty and messed up. Staying hydrated is the most important factor to keep going in this sweltering heat and to maintain an overall good health. Human body tends to lose water at a faster pace due to excessive sweating during hot summer days. While water is the utmost important drink to quench thirst, one can try other summery beverages that not only satisfy the thirst but also keep your body cool as suggested by the best holistic health coach in Kolkata Vidhi Beri for overall body and mental health holistic treatment.

As we welcome summers, let us refresh and replenish our body with some of the best summer beverages in order to beat the heat. In the following blog we discuss a bunch of summer drinks that you must not miss out on. So read on-


Lemonade or a glass of good old lemonade is probably one of the most hydrating drinks out there. You should make lemonade daily with the juice of two lemons and a pinch of rock salt. It keeps you hydrated and is also the best way to get your daily dose of vitamin C.


You might not know this but milk is actually better than water to help prevent dehydration and combat dehydration. It contains a natural blend of good quality carbs, protein and sodium that helps your body retain fluids. You can experiment with different milkshakes and smoothies or opt for buttermilk or lassi made with curd.

Barley Water

Pearl barley - when boiled in water, then filtered and cooled - makes a nutrient-rich summer drink that is also very tasty.

Coconut Water

Gentle coconut water is loaded with Vitamin C and minerals like potassium, sodium etc. You do not need to add anything to this drink, as it is just perfect.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna is a traditional Indian drink made from raw mangoes, water, salt etc. Raw mangoes are packed with vitamins, minerals and folate, so this drink is perfect for summers.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumbers are not only packed with dietary fibers and minerals, but they also contain the elusive vitamin K. Cucumber juice mixed with water and mixed with salt and lemon juice is a refreshing summer drink.

Bael Juice

Have this health drink on a hot summer day and feel instantly refreshed – inside out. Although kokum warms the body, it acquires cooling properties when sugar or jaggery is added to it. It not only satisfies your thirst but also does not make you feel heavy.

Kokum Juice

Soak dried kokum fruit in water for hours. Strain the water and keep it aside. Add sugar, black salt, roasted cumin powder to the remaining kokum fruit and cook on low flame till the sugar melts. Then, add the kokum water, and boil the mixture. Let the mixture cool down. Filter it. Another homegrown drink, bel sharbat or Indian wood apple juice is packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals like calcium – all of which make it a highly nutritious summer drink.

Sugarcane Juice

It is a universal favourite of those in tropical climates, where this grass grows. Since India is one of the largest producers of sugarcane, this juice is available everywhere. You can add different spices, lemon, mint leaves and ginger to enhance the taste; It will inspire your taste buds.

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