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Training and Workshop

Training and Workshop
Nurse Trainings

A new mother’s companion post delivery is her constant care nurse at the hospital. The nurses at every maternity ward become primary care givers to the mom and baby dyad. They are the point of contact for continuous care and support for movement, SOS, and nursing. A nurse is a vital supporting care provider establishing all the information, practices and procedures put in place by the gynecologist, pediatrician, lactation specialist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, and mental health counselor. She needs to have a deep understanding of medical procedures as well as the ability to counsel a new mother.

Counseling and providing the appropriate case by case knowledge on breastfeeding techniques is a skill that needs constant training. As a lactation expert and mental health counselor, Vidhi Beri provides this essential training on breastfeeding to nurses. She has conducted these trainings in Kolkata at AMRI and Fortis hospitals.

Topics include but are not exhaustive to the following:

  1. The Physiology and Essential benefits of Human Milk.
  2. Infant Feeding Techniques: Latch and Position.
  3. First Attachment and Maintenance of Lactation.
  4. Holistic Postpartum Care for New Mothers.
  5. Breastfeeding and Mitigation of Postpartum Lactation Issues.
  6. Galactogogues and Increasing Milk Supply.
  7. Not Enough Milk : Physiological and Psychological Conditions.
  8. Feeding a Preterm infant and Milk Expression.
  9. Supporting Milk Expression, Pumping Techniques.
  10. Breastfeeding in special circumstances.
Toddler Nutrition Workshops

Food preferences and habits are formed at an early age. Our relationship with food goes back to our infancy. Is it one of love and nurturing? Is it dramatic or manipulative? Do toddlers seek attention through their eating behavior? Can toddlers manipulate their parents when it comes to meal times? All primary care givers struggle with healthy choices versus junk foods especially when it comes to preschoolers. Vidhi Beri’s toddler nutrition workshops are designed for Montessoris, play schools, and children’s activity centers. Sessions are designed to assist parents and teachers in understanding food choices and current trends.

The sessions also address changing habits and food concepts through generations to readjust frames of reference in families. Evolving role of technology and gadgets in toddler eating behavior is an issue. Moreover, how do we make food fun, exciting and something to relish. Creative ideas for moms and stress free environment for babies are areas we celebrate.

Popular topics include:
  • Super foods for toddlers.
  • Engendering right nutrition concepts.
  • Healthy Food Habits.
  • Creating foods toddlers cant resist.
  • Ideal Snacks and Tiffin Foods.
  • Food Time vs. Entertainment.
  • The Fussy Toddler.