Conquer Maternal Anxiety Programme

2 Month 5 30-40 Minutes



Conquer Maternal Anxiety, Parenting Stress and Guilt with Vidhi Beri, a mother herself of two lovely kids, one of which is a teenager.

Do the following cause parental anxiety, stress and guilt in you?

  • Is your child meeting his developmental milestones on time?

  • Does your child like to spend too much time at a day-care and away from home?

  • Your child has enough friends to influence his thoughts.

  • Your child is exposed to so many chemicals in the environment.

  • He is a good athlete but doesn't make good enough grades.

  • Doesn't eat nutritious foods and is overweight

  • You child is being bullied at school.

  • Are you a good enough parent?

  • How can you eat when your child is sick, angry or hasn't eaten anything?

  • Comparisons and judgements about your children by others.

  • And all the information you search/read on the internet

While the above is normal parenting, self-sabotaging problems that many of us as women face at one time or another, the anxiety usually comes when a mother begins to feel that the issue won't be resolved.

Sign up with H.E.A.L and let's work together to help you conquer your maternal anxiety, parenting stress and guilt.

4 pillars to complete anxiety free wellbeing

4 pillars to complete anxiety free wellbeing



  • Becoming aware of your maternal anxiety
  • Tips to help you stop constant worrying over your child
  • How individuation helps people develop a sense of self

Building partnership

  • Communicating with the partner
  • Recognizing childhood trauma in adults and healing
  • What to do when you disagree on parenting issues?
  • Common childhood anxiety parents should know about


  • Aspire to be good enough
  • Power of letting go
  • Power of affirmations
  • Why practice gratitude
  • Caring for physical and mental wellness

Relationship with children

  • Communication
  • How to control anger with children
  • How to raise resilient children
  • How to discipline your children



  • Are the sessions one-to-one or in a group?

    Yes, all sessions will be one-to-one. You get individual sessions with Ms. Vidhi Beri. 

  • Are there any follow-ups or monitoring?

    Programmes come with weekly monitoring over WhatsApp through voice notes.

  • What is the session duration? How are they conducted?

    All sessions are 30 to 40 minutes long. You can choose to do your session either over a phone call, zoom session, WhatsApp video call, or opt for a clinic visit.

  • Do you offer any home visits?

    Home visits are done on request and have different charges. 

  • How are the sessions scheduled? Can we reschedule?

    Sessions are scheduled monthly through an appointment message with a designated day and time which can be rescheduled according to the client's convenience provided the time must be between the clinic hours.

  • Do you share resources or reading material?

    Resources are sent as per the sessions' requirements and agenda.

Our Happy Clients

will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>
will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>
will Smith<span>Electrical Engineer</span>


Vidhi Beri Is A Global Educator In The Fields Of Holistic Health, Lactation, Nutrition, and Mental Health Counseling.

Her work encompasses the private and public sectors to attain her goal of engendering socio-economic change. She engages with private hospitals, corporations, non-profit organizations, and governmental bodies as a consultant, trainer, and advisor. Her programs include mind and body nutrition, depression management, maternity wellness, and lifestyle management strategies.

Mrs. Beri has a wide range of experience in nutritional counseling of expecting and new mothers, infants and toddlers, working into the early years of puberty and then adulthood. She has conducted talks and workshops on Mind and Body Wellness, Lactation, Child Nutrition and Maternity Wellness for the last ten years. Her insightful solutions for a nutritional balance in each individual’s lifestyle based on preferences make her practice unique.

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