What It Really Means To Achieve Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness leads to a balance within the self and for the people who are living in your vicinity and your environment. It helps us to stop and allow us to enjoy ourselves rather that running and trying to complete all tasks for home, work or children and not really having the time to take a few minutes out of our day and enjoy. “My personal way of doing is actually scheduling my entire day, stopping and enjoying the things that I want to prioritize.”

“There is a particular hour or time that I always take for myself in which I listen to music, dance, read or have a warm cup of tea and stare out of the window. Sometimes, it feels clinical, but you need to schedule it in otherwise you procrastinate from the time where you want to stop and enjoy because the mind says maybe it's not that important, I need to go back to my children, my work or do house chores instead. So, everything needs to be scheduled in.”

“I have been a Bharatnatyam dancer and classical dance has taught me that we need to be resilient, diligent and very disciplined to first find our core and center and keep learning step by step everyday as long as you maintain your core and not always be too ambitious, then you don’t fall flat.”

So, maintaining a center is essential and this center is within yourself. If you can maintain your peace, calm, patience, be resilient, everything around you will keep falling back into balance even if it goes off and becomes turbulent from time to time. You have to know what your core competencies are as an individual which has nothing to do with being a mother, a working person, a housewife or a homemaker. It has to be with:

“Who you are?”

“How you have been raised?”

“How you have trained yourself to your education work, academics, hobbies?”

And once you have identified that who you actually are, what your competencies are whether it is your kinesthetic skills, your listening skills as a person or ability to plan or create.

There are parents who are great crafts people or great story tellers and then parents who are very planned and disciplined but are not so great at exploring the creative side, as in it doesn’t come to them naturally, and that time you need to understand that “I have to outsource this for my child because this is not my competence. Why try to unnecessary do things when my plate is already full?”

So, recognize what you need to delegate because it does take a village to raise a child, allow that to happen so that you have more time and it's not a frustrating experience. Just because we are parents, we don’t have to learn everything, that too all at one time.