How a postpartum depression consultant can help you to deal with the stress

Depression is a common symptom faced by new moms. It’s often referred to as baby blues. Well, having a baby can be stressful, no matter how badly you wanted to have a child or how much you love the baby. Sleep deprivation, lack of ‘me-time’ and added responsibilities are things that take new moms on an emotional roller-coaster. However, mild depression or the occasional mood swings can’t be called baby blues. So, before you go to the postpartum depression consultant, get to know about ‘baby blues’ and the actual symptoms of ‘postpartum depression’!

Baby Blues

The Baby Blues occur immediately after childbirth. Blame it on the hormones for the sudden change in your mood, appetite and behavior. Stress, isolation, fatigue and sleep deprivation – all together make you emotionally fragile, overwhelmed and tearful. Baby blues start within a few days after childbirth and can continue for a few weeks or so. Generally, this kind of feeling tapers off after a few weeks, but in case it doesn’t, then you might be suffering from the serious postpartum depression.

postpartum depression consultant

Symptoms of postpartum depression

  • Mood swings and crying
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability and sadness
  • Unable to bond with your partner or the baby
  • Constant anxiety and lack of sleep

Well, this is a major problem and the main reason for the depression and suicidal thoughts are hormonal changes and stress that take a toll. In such a situation you need to get in touch with a postpartum depression consultant.

Let’s get to know how the postpartum depression consultant can help you dealing with the stress and changes in your mood and body.

Individual therapy

A good therapist can help you with your new life and introduce you to motherhood. Being a mom is not easy, but it is one of the most joyful experiences of life. When you go to a trained and experienced postpartum depression consultant, the person will help you deal with the struggles and also make you understand about the blessing of being a mom. In this way, women feel worthy of themselves and strong enough to face the challenges thrown upon them without any stress, underlying fear and thoughts of insecurity.

Marriage counselling

Not everyone might require marriage counselling, but if you feel that your partner doesn’t understand you and you are not getting the support system at home, then, marriage counselling might resolve issues. At times, we get biased and fail to understand the needs of the other person. At this juncture, a third party neutral intervention helps and when you go for therapy you can surely get the issue resolved by an expert faster and maybe in a better way.

Natural hormone therapy – Eat the right foods

After childbirth, many moms experience weight gain and struggle to lose the extra flab. The result is by under-eating they get more stressed and frustrated. The best way is to heal yourself inside is to intake foods that will uplift your mood and work well to balance your hormones. Consult a postpartum depression consultant who deals with holistic living and get a diet chart made for you. It might take a week for the diet to become effective, but at the end of the day, the hormone therapy via food is completely natural and without any side effects.

Antidepressants Foods

Yes, after having a baby you might want to lose that loose skin and try out all the fad diets in the world, but munching on antidepressant foods like chocolate (in limited portions) isn’t a bad idea. Also, include eggs, spinach, seeds, nuts and milk in your diet. You can also use Cardamom to uplift yourself. It is a very good anti-depressant. Instead of self-medication, a better approach towards health would be to get an experienced postpartum depression consultant to make the diet hart for you.

Talk therapy

Last, but certainly not the least. At times, you just need to talk and vent out everything. New moms feel a lot of insecurity, sadness and self-image issues as their bodies start to look different, they also start suffering from hair loss problems and the added responsibilities leave them with no time for self-care. The end result is either they start cribbing or might bottle up everything inside and remain depressed.

Talk therapy is a channel that will help you talk out your insecurities and sadness to the counselor. A counselor is a person who has dealt with other ‘new moms’ facing similar situations and they know that such feelings are common, which can be resolved through talking, counselling, dietary changes and lifestyle changes.

Final thoughts

Postpartum depression can make the stressful childbirth period more difficult for the ‘new moms’. The sooner you get help by going to a postpartum depression consultant, the better it is for you and for the baby. Check out Motherhood should be enjoyed and postpartum depression is manageable.