Tips That Would Help in Fighting Postpartum Depression

We bet that you have been dreaming about your baby since the day you got your first pregnancy report (who doesn’t, it is a beautiful feeling!) But every new thing comes with a new set of challenges! While some of the symptoms of the “Baby blues syndrome” are same as the postpartum depression, Postpartum depression is a lot more powerful and lasts longer. Some of the commons signs and symptoms of postpartum depression may include severe mood swings, exhaustion, and a sense of hopelessness. These intense feelings can make it very difficult for the new mother to take care of the newborn baby. As suggested by the renowned health coach and postpartum depression consultant Vidhi Beri should not be taken lightly. It is a serious disorder that can be overcome with proper treatment and medication.

While there is still much to be learned about postpartum depression and there is not just one cause, a properly balanced diet which may include millets, micro food, and super green, and proper rest is said to reduce the risk factor related to Postpartum depression. Here are some tips to help mitigate the risk and improve the mood (all the new moms out there are you listening?

Binge on Super greens like Lentils and Beans

The fiber, protein, and iron found in lentil and bean in addition to other food such as millets, micro food, and super green leafy vegetables make this dietary staple food a great choice for all the new moms. They make a great protein source for vegetarian and vegan diets and can be added to almost any meal to pack a bigger, nutrient-dense punch!

Fiber also ensures that the digestive system stays on track and helps to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure level.

Flaxseed - the new Super food

One may hear a lot about this new super food, but do you know that flaxseed also helps to balance your hormonal level especially after giving birth, when the hormonal levels tend to go hay ware?!

That’s right; Flaxseeds are a rich source of phytoestrogens, omega 3 fatty acids, fibers, and antioxidants. Try incorporating it in your morning oatmeal or even throw some in your smoothie for a healthy start to your day as suggested by the renowned health coach and postpartum depression consultant Vidhi Beri.

Nutritients-Packed Avocados

Avocados are not only just a delicious addition to any meal but also have lots of health beneficial properties than you think! In addition to being a great go-to bunch treat, avocados are also well known to help manage the stress hormones. Avocadoes are said to be loaded with beta-sitosterol that affect the blood cholesterol level and balance out the stress hormone cortisol.

And Girls, they also tend to impact the hormones that control your menstruation cycle! Now you can say goodbye to the painful menstruation cramps (a win-win situation for all!)

Have a Properly Balanced Diet

As suggested by Vidhi Beri, who is the best postpartum depression consultant, one should not skip breakfast in order to have a proper mind and body wellness and overcome postpartum depression. In spite of all the hectic schedules, one should always try and have the morning breakfast which can be considered as one of the most important meals of the day. It gives the body the energy which would help us to kick start our day with zeal and vigor.

It is always recommended that one should have meals six times a day at regular intervals. There should be three large meals comprising breakfast, lunch, dinner in addition to three small meals which should consist of some hearty snacks, food, energy drink, and fruits. Food in addition to drinking an ample amount of water every day is very much essential to maintain all the body tissues, production of blood, and many more in addition to drinking an ample amount of water every day. Also, do not forget to wash all the fruits and vegetables properly before consuming them!

Good Night Sleep is a Must

Due to the busy schedules of maintaining a proper work-life balance in addition to taking care of the baby, new moms often tend to compromise on their sleep. According to the doctors, a human body requires around 7 to 9 hours of sleep on a daily basis. This, in turn, would help in maintaining proper blood pressure, reducing the level of cholesterols. Proper sound sleep at night also helps in reducing stress on our mind and body thereby making us feel energized and happy and also maintaining proper body and mind wellness.

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