Live Session on Vibration and Sound Healing- The Game Changer in Modern Medicine

Vidhi Beri had conducted a Facebook live session with Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar, who is a Mentor, a Vibrational Healer, a Poet, a Musician, a Spiritual Teacher, a Heritage Conservationist, an Educationist, a Trainer of Trainers, a Grassroots Social Worker, a Teacher of Ancient Wisdom and an Entrepreneur in Heritage Tourism and Holistic Wellbeing.

She is a global spiritual mentor and a consultant on culture, heritage conservation, indigenous knowledge, integral Education. She globally speaks at and organizes events, festivals, and worldwide collaborations for well-being, education, culture, and heritage. As a Global Educationist, she has conducted Mentoring workshops personally since 1996 and worked with thousands of teachers, administrators, and students. She facilitates the use of tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage for innovators and entrepreneurs. She created the “Nada Vibronics” Vibrational Healing Ecosystem which applies Vibrational technologies for curing diseases and Empowering people through consultancies, workshops, and retreats. Her healing music is used worldwide for healing human mind-body conditions and specific diseases.

Episode 7 was all about the eternal power and science of Vibration, Sound, Music, "Ragas" and "Mantra-Jaap". It was all about how it heals the body from within and creates an atmosphere of utmost calmness and peace around you. It frees your body, your mind and soul from all the negative forces and vibes that tend to create unwanted bacteria in your body.

The vibration of sound and music has the power to cure episodes of lifestyle and internal diseases like Epilepsy, Diabetes, Asthma, External skin problems and so on.

Speed of the brain wave changes with chanting ~ As we begin to chant, the speedwave goes from beta (fastest brain wave state to alpha (slow brain wave state) and finally into a theta state of mind that is the ultimate state of trance.

The great science of "beeja mantra" has so much impact on the body that a human being does not require to pop pills when they feel sick or anxious. It has the potential to heal a person from all kinds of pains within or outside the body.

Every Indian Art specially Music, they all are Holistic and Scientific in nature and well ordered in terms of their harmony with the human body

A "Raga" or "Raag" is a being by itself~ it has its own DNA, a law of nature and when you sing a raag, you are creating an atmosphere around with your consciousness. It has the power to make a human being feel a sense of morning, evening or sense of being deeply alone in the dark. It has the utmost potential to change the atmosphere from within.

Approach everything in this World as play even when you applying a remedy on to yourself. There is lovely quote that says "sada mandahasam" which means always have a light smile on your face irrespective of any situation in life. Learn to play, learn to relax and hear sound or music that you enjoy.

Healing is like waves. It is the Universe.

There are different "beeja mantras" to cure different elements in our body.

Sound has the power to create fire or "agni" in our body - the right amount of fire which can remove each speck of impurity.

Basis of everything is breath. The basis of sound is also breath. Every "beeja mantra" makes you breathe long and the moment you breathe long, your body will become peaceful.

The power of sound is intinct.

"Beeja mantras" are the most simplest yet powerful waves of healing the body- healing your entire consciousness.

Smile is the greatest vibration of all.

Learn to sing even if you are not in tune, learn to dance, start chanting, stop using your brain so much, stop questioning so much and just wet your toes in the ocean of experience.

For all the mothers, learn to drop all your tension and anxiety just by singing, chanting and dancing. Let your children see that so that you don't have to teach them the power of inner peace, they will learn it by contagen.

Be what you want your children to be~ make them free of having to pop a pill, by taking that step yourself.

To dug deep in the Science of Vibration, watch this episode in case you missed it. Enlighten and empower your self with the power within you.