Live session on Covid and fear psychosis-the biology of belief

Vidhi Beri had conducted a Facebook Live session with Dr. Meghana Dikshit (TEDx Speaker), where we will discuss on- "COVID and fear psychosis-the biology of belief". She is Ayurvedacharya and Life Transformation Coach. She is also the founder of De Mantraa. She has trained over 50000 people in the last 23 years of her career.

She is a world-renowned Therapist, Speaker, and Success Coach. She has won multiple awards and recognition across the country. She is now sharing over two decades of her experience in treating clients, including CEOs, Bollywood stars and athletes, to empower others to achieve the same fast effective results through her Ultimate Success Programs. She offers fast effective results by combining the most beneficial principles of Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Quantum Physics and Neuroscience.

If you missed the live session with Dr. Meghna Dikshit on "COVID and fear psychosis-the biology of belief" as a part of "Discover H.E.A.L by Vidhi Beri”, Here is a quick summary for you all:

1. The session started with Dr. Meghna Dikshit explaining why Ayurveda is very much relevant and how it helps us to know ourselves better. She then talks about her childhood where she could easily grasp things but she couldn't retain that information for a longer period of time. She explains to us how she managed this weakness for her. She also said that schools should stop reminding about the weaknesses but rather should work on the strengths of the child and also on the ways to improve the weaknesses.

2. Later Dr. Meghna explains about the neurobiology of stress and how does it work. She tells us how our brains have evolved from reptilian to mammalian and finally to human brain structure which is referred to as Frontal Lobe of the brain. Our brains primary function is to keep us save as the planet needs human. Toward the middle, she explains about the various stages in which stress affects us and later how it naturally heals down if we are able to cop-up with the stress. If we are not able to cop up it leads to several diseases and other problems.

3. In the middle of the live session, she tells us that we should focus on what is in our control and not on things which are not under our control. Followed to this she explains how people need to be aware and cautious and restrict themselves from going out in this pandemic without any reason. As we don't have control over the spread of the virus. But what we can do is take precautions. She also explains how people are focusing more on problems rather than progress. She also explains how we can work towards our immunity and shut down every other thing which is spreading negativity and stress.

4. Towards the end, she explains how we can strengthen ourselves in a practical way and then she gives us three points which can help us in strengthening ourselves physically and mentally.

5. In the end, she tells the viewers to write three things which went right in the day in a journal. This helps us to figure out the things which we can correct in our next day.