Hormonal imbalance in women Symptoms and Solutions

Hormonal imbalance occurs if either an increase or decrease in the essential hormones is found in the blood. A little fluctuation in hormone levels can cause significant side effects since major physiological processes of the body are regulated by the hormone. Hormones help in regulating heart rate, body temperature, sleep cycles, appetite and metabolism, growth, reproductive cycle, sexual function, and mood.

Hormonal imbalance in women:

Female hormone imbalance can occur at different stages in a female life cycle. The major changes in female hormones happen during puberty, menstruation, breastfeeding, childbirth, and pregnancy.

Female hormone imbalance can also arise at times of pre-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause. The women face their first hormonal change symptoms during the puberty phase. Throughout their life, women need to pass through the changes in hormones. The impact of hormonal imbalance in women is more fatal than a hormonal imbalance in men. Because a woman’s body consists of different types of organs and various physiological cycles.

There are a number of medical conditions which catalyzes the hormonal imbalance in women. They are:

• Early menopause

• Consumption of birth control medication

• Polycystic Ovary

• Ovarian cancer

• POI (Primary Ovarian Insufficiency)


• Infertility is caused by higher levels of FSH

• Weight gain is caused by a low level of Estradiol

• Night sweat happens due to an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone

• Hair loss is caused by DHT.

• A heavy, irregular and painful period is caused by an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone

• Breast tenderness is a common result of an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone.

• Acne can occur just before and after the menstrual cycle is caused by a higher level of progesterone.

• Vaginal dryness is a result of an imbalance in estrogen secretion.




Treatments and Medications:

Treatments and medication vary from person to person based on the causes and symptoms. Different types of treatments could be effective for different symptoms. There is plenty of scope in treatment for female hormone imbalance. They are:

Anti-androgen medicines: These medicines help to block the secretion of male sex hormones. That will help to limit the acne and excessive or low hair growth problems in women.

Birth control medication: Women who desire to avoid pregnant try to rely on birth control medication. However, these medicines need to be taken as directed by a physician and not otherwise. They can also prove to be a major catalyst in triggering hormonal imbalance in women since these medicines contain estrogen and progesterone. But these medicines also help to regulate irregular periods and other female crisis situations. The medicines usually come in the forms of pills, shots, rings, patch and intrauterine device.

Hormone replacement medicines: A large numbers of medicines are available to reduce different female symptoms on a temporary basis. These symptoms are related to night sweats of woman and menopause.

Assisted technology: Vitro fertilization could be used in case of pregnancy complications.

Letrozole (Femara) and Clomiphene (Clomid): These kinds of medicines help to stimulate ovulation for the women suffering from PCOS. The infertile and women suffering from PCOS are often injected with gonadotropins to increase their fertility chances.

Eflornithine: This medicine helps to reduce unnecessary hair growth in women.

Levothyroxine: The hypothyroidism symptoms could be treated by this medicine.

Metformin: Metformin helps to reduce the sugar level in blood which indirectly helps in reducing the female hormonal imbalance.

Natural Remedies:

There are also various natural remedies to combat hormonal imbalance which have been in use for a long period of time. Most of the natural remedies do not have side effects as compared to modern medicine. Even though these aren’t clinically tested, they might help in regulating the hormonal changes in the body. Few natural supplements that are used to regulate the female hormone imbalance are as follows-

• Evening Primrose Oil, Dong Quai, Red Clover, and Black Cohosh are commonly used to reduce the night sweating problems in women that might be caused by menopause.

• Consumption of ginseng helps to regulate sleeping disorder, irritation, and anxiety in women caused by menopause.

Changes in lifestyle could also help to reduce the level of female hormone imbalance. Here is how you do it:

• Regular exercise

• Maintain a healthy body weight

• Follow a nutritious balanced diet

• Learn the art to manage stress

• Avoid sugar and sugary food

• Say no to packaged food

• Try to avoid vegetables and fruits with harmful chemicals

• Meditate and practice yoga on a regular basis

Sometimes female hormone imbalance could be triggered by certain external factors like hormonal medications and stress. The imbalance of female hormone is common during different stages of the female life cycle. During these times it is crucial to consult a doctor or expert in case you keep facing the mentioned symptoms. There are experts like Vidhi Beri, who help in combating this problem by helping women adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is a fact that changes in lifestyle prove to be a better solution for controlling hormonal imbalance in women.