5 Healthy Practices Recommended by Holistic Health Coach Vidhi Beri

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one needs to abide by certain health practices. As a holistic health coach, Vidhi Beri recommends certain health practices to follow everyday
  • Eat well: Eating healthy is very crucial. But only eating healthy isn’t everything. You need to keep the intake in mind as well. Healthy fruits and vegetables should be included in regular daily diet. A balanced diet is necessary to follow. A holistic health coach gives you a personalised diet charts and ideas to follow based on your necessities. Hence, it’s recommended to consult a health coach to achieve an "eat well" goal.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking water is very important. Our body needs 2 litres of body throughout the day. This is a vital criterion to follow.  Remaining hydrated not only helps our body in flushing the toxins out, but it also improves headaches and brightens out face and skin. Hydration improves the blood circulation in our body that makes us feel energized increasing out brain power. Water is important for survival. 
  • Get enough sleep: The term ‘beauty sleep’ is not a sham. Adequate sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. At least a 7 hours of sleep is a must for every adult. Sleeping peacefully gives out brain the necessary rest so that it can function properly. Getting ample sleep helps improve our memory, stimulates creativity and increases our attention span. Apart from these, resting properly leads to fresher mornings and a clear mind. So, getting enough sleep is essential.
  • Holistic Health coachExercise daily: Just eating healthy isn’t enough, if you are not working out.  Even the heathiest of foods can cause concern if you do not exercise. It isn’t necessary to try hard core training guides and hit the gym twice a day. Just a few easy exercises practiced daily, make the body feel fresh and reduces lethargy as a result of which the body feels rejuvenated. Get a health and lifestyle consultant to get personalized exercise charts in accordance to your needs.
  • Set realistic health goals: Achieving or moving towards a healthy lifestyle is difficult. Achieving a healthy lifestyle, is similar to the proverb ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Set up realistic and small health goals as you tread towards a ‘healthy you’. Small health goals are easier to achieve and keeps you interested as compared to long time health goals which are difficult and tiresome to achieve, hence sometimes ending up demotivating you. Apart from this, do not think that things would change almost immediately. Results take time to show, so be prepared for it. Setting up realistic goals helps in keeping you mind straight. 
Lastly, the most important thing is to start. Give yourself the kick start that you need. Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is one that is beneficial to you in the long term. Treat your body like a temple that it is supposed to be. A holistic health coach comes handy in giving you the necessary nudge and motivation that you need. Hard work and perseverance remain a key to success.
Get an appointment with Vidhi Beri, is a certified holistic health coach and as a holistic health practitioner. Vidhi Beri has constantly sought to enhance and upgrade her knowledge and experiences of related fields such as Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Yoga, Mindfulness, Sound(Nada) Vibronics, Human and Child Psychology. This is in addition to her exploration of subjects such as biochemistry, evolutionary biology, food science and nutrition, human sexuality, Indian classical dance and music. Her diverse interests and academic pursuits make her approach truly dynamic involving deeper aspects of the being: mind, body, and spirit.