Disease Reversal with Food

According to medical terms, disease reversal means changing drastically or completely the course or effect of the disease like diabetes, thyroid, autoimmune disorders, etc. In today’s time, when the whole world is under the coronavirus grip, it has become all the more important to known about the disease reversal. In simple layman terms, disease reversal means overcoming various health problems with the help of natural processes. Amidst the pandemic and a plethora of theories because of the novel coronavirus studies, researches show one thing common. That is IMMUNITY. Immunity is going to be our savior during this entire span of fighting with the virus all around the world. Immunity, aka the defense system of our body, is what’s going to help prevent the virus from attacking you, as well as recover from the infection if you ever contract it. In order to maintain proper mind and body wellness, one should stick to a regular sleep routine and have a properly balanced diet- which may include millets, micro food, and super green.

In addition to a balanced diet, one should also exercise (within your home) daily, check-in with friends and family members, and do something that is relaxing and enjoyable, as suggested by the best health transformation coach in Kolkata, Vidhi Beri.

Here is a list of food items that contain essential nutrients to does not only help to have an ironclad immune system but also have an energy boost with mindfulness, movement, nutrition, and aid in disease reversal. So read on-

Flax Seed:

One may have heard the importance of having Flax seeds, which good sources of many nutrients. Their health benefits are mainly due to their content of Vitamin B and omega-three fatty acids, iron, calcium, and phosphorous.

It is also extremely beneficial in improving one's bone density and strength. Fueling up on flaxseeds helps with brain function and, as shown in the recent studies, may help keep depression at bay and maintain proper body and mind wellness as suggested by the renowned health transformation coach in Kolkata, Vidhi Beri.

Millets, Lentils, and green vegetables:

The fiber, protein, and iron found in lentil and bean in addition to other food such as millets, micro food, and super green make these dietary staple food an excellent choice for especially for all health-conscious people. They make an excellent protein source for vegetarian and vegan diets and can be added to almost any meal to pack a bigger, nutrient-dense punch. Fiber ensures that the digestive system stays on track and helps to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure level.

Alkaline foods like Fruits and Berries:

Fruits and Berries such as Apple, Avocados, Bananas, Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, oranges are loaded with vitamin B6 and vitamin C, in addition to fiber and numerous antioxidants and minerals. They are very filling and make the perfect snack if you find yourself hungry between meals. Focusing on alkaline foods like lemon, millets can bring your body into line and boot immunity – you may find you get fewer colds, improved energy, and a faster metabolism. Increasing the alkaline levels in your body can also lead to a more balanced system.

Other than food items, you should also-

Drinking ample water:

According to the doctors, a human body requires around 8 to 10 glasses of water to maintain the water requirement of a body. In addition, water helps in the burning of fats and regulates the digestive process to keep the body healthy and thus maintain proper mind and body wellness.

Reduce Sugar Intake:

Sugar tends to reduce our immunity level. Hence you should reduce sugar intake to Zero. If required, one can have a little bit of honey in their morning tea as a healthy alternative sometimes.

Peaceful sleep at night:

Due to busy schedules, people often tend s to compromise on their sleep. According to the doctors, a human body requires around 7 to 9 hours of sleep on a daily basis. This, in turn, would help in maintaining proper blood pressure, reducing the level of cholesterols. Proper sound sleep at night also reduces stress on our mind and body, thereby making us feel fresh energized and happy and maintaining proper body and mind wellness.

In addition to the health as mentioned earlier tips, one should wash hands frequently when in the house or in office, once every hour at least, and avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth frequently and maintain proper health and self-hygiene. People should stay indoors as much as possible to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus.

Vidhi Beri a well-renowned health transformation coach who is well aware of the facts regarding disease reversal and natural tips to overcome it. Visit Vidhi Beri’s official website to know more.