Tips to Maintain Proper Mental Health During Lockdown!

As many of us are being advised to hunker down in our apartment and houses in addition to limiting our outside trips and the overall social contact because of the corona virus outbreak, things are “real” at this point. Apart from the fact that people are worried about their overall physical health as they digest the news from around the world and here at home, there is the larger toll this is taking on our collective mental health as suggested by Vidhi Beri, who does the best Mental Health Counseling Kolkata.

One of the main weapons that we have in order to fight the deadly corona virus is maintaining social distancing —a deeply unnatural practice for humans, but an essential one in the current scenario.

Here are some of the mental health practices to make sure to keep doing—or begin doing, for some of us—during the lockdown period better mental and physical well-being.

Have a fixed routine as much as possible

We all must be aware of the importance of routine especially among the children under then normal circumstances. However, with schools and colleges shut and work from home policy in action, it might feel that all bets are off.

But in reality, it is actually better for everyone’s mental and physical wellbeing to have a fixed routine as much as possible! One should try and eat meals, sleep, walk and exercise at a fixed time while maintaining social (socially distant) contact. Having no fixed routine can create overall boredom, spikes anxiety, or clinical depression in the long run.

Do regular Meditation, Yoga, and Pranayam

It can be said that the mind and body are like two sides of the same coin. One needs to keep a proper balance between the two in order to proper physical and mental wellbeing. And in order to do so, one requires lots of skills and practice. It can be said that meditation is one such skill that will help in restoring the balance between our mind and body. With the help of mediation, one could experience the state of inner peace and tranquility where our body is in the state of rest and our mind in the state of restful awareness according to renowned health coach Vidhi Beri, to maintain proper mind and body wellness, especially during stressful times.

One can combine meditation with a simple breathing technique which is known as Sudarshan Kriya. Sudarshan Kriya can be considered as a 20 minutes process that will help in releasing all the stress from the mind and body making one feel relaxed and energized thereby maintaining proper body and mind wellness.

Have a properly balanced diet

As suggested by Vidhi Beri, who does the best Mental Health Counseling Kolkata to maintain proper mind and body wellness, especially during stressful times one should not skip breakfast. In spite of all the hectic schedules, one should always try and have the morning breakfast which can be considered as one of the most important meals of the day. It gives the body the energy which would help us to kick start our day with zeal and vigor. It is always recommended that one should have meals six times a day at regular intervals. There should be three large meals comprising breakfast, lunch, dinner in addition to three small meals which should consist of some hearty snacks, food, energy drink, and fruits. Food is very much essential to maintain all the body tissues, production of blood, and many more. Also, wash all the fruits and vegetables properly before consuming them.

Try to Always Remain Positive

According to research and popular belief, it was found that the way people tend to think about himself or herself can have a powerful effect on how one feels. If we perceive our life our self negatively, we tend to view all our experiences in such a way that confirms our negative notion. So instead of all the negativity, try using words to encourage oneself, promote the feeling of self-power and self-worth.

Say for example, instead of saying, “I am a loser. I would not get admission to that college because I tanked the test,” say “My test did not go well this time, but I`ll try again” .Renowned health coach Vidhi Beri, who does the best Mental Health Counseling Kolkata tends to provide vital health and nutrition information will not only help you to maintain proper mind and body wellness through the natural process but will also help you to have an ironclad immune system in order to stay safe during this pandemic.